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Netherspace by Nigel Foster and Andrew Lane

May 4th 2017 at 6.30 PM Winstone's Sherborne

Join us for a glass of wine to celebrate the launch of Netherspace by locally based author Nigel Foster and Andrew Lane. This is particularly special for us as Andy and Nigel first met at Winstone's and it was there the plot for Netherspace was first developed.

About the book.

'Netherspace' is the first book of a three part trilogy. Co-written by Andy Lane and Nigel Foster, it deals with a common science fiction scenario, but in in a unique way.

'Everyone assumes,' Andy and Nigel explain, 'that when humans finally meet aliens they will find a way to communicate. In Netherspace the aliens either do not or will not communicate. They're only interested in trade. Yet the trades make no sense, while humanity has become dependent on alien technology. The Netherspace series is about the attempt to discover what aliens really want. . . and how humanity tries to adapt to a Universe far stranger than anyone ever imagined.'


Contact with aliens was made forty years ago, but communication turned out to be impossible. Humans don't share a way of thinking with any of the alien species, let alone a grammar. But there is trade, trade that produces scientific advances that would have taken a thousand years.

Earth may be a better place but it's no longer our own. We may be colonizing the stars, but we're dependent on inexplicable alien netherspace drives, and they come at a heavy cost: live humans. When a group of colonists are captured by a group of Cancri aliens, a human mission is sent to negotiate their release. But how can you negotiate when you don’t know what your target wants or why they took your people in the first place?

Andy Lane wrote the best-selling Young Sherlock Holmes series. Nigel Foster

comes from a non-fiction background which includes a best-seller about the Royal Marines.